About NSG

NSG is the leading news services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. NSG’s operations extend beyond merely news distribution, online monitoring, collating, websites content management, online direct marketing and customized media technology software.

The consortium’s scope of operation is varied with separate entities engaged in specialized services.

Middle East Newswire known as AETOSWire – A company representing exclusively Business Wire – the Berkshire Hathaway Company based in the United States with offices across the 5 continents – in the Middle East and North Africa. AETOSWire is at the forefront of corporate news distribution locally, regionally and internationally.

MediaDen – An online media monitoring agency, keeping a track of more than 100,000 news portals and more than 50 million blog sites across the online community including social media sites.

CNPHub – An entity that manages content for over 40 Country-focused news portals in the three main MENA region main languages: Arabic, English & French.

MediaTech Int. – A next-gen media technology agency providing high-tech tailor-made media solutions and applications including sophisticated web portals.

INFOStar – An online direct marketing agency

TRANSHouse – A company that undertakes translation services in an assortment of languages for all kinds of documents for Corporations and Government organizations

Backed by a team of seasoned, multi-lingual professionals, possessing valuable industry certifications, years of experience and substantial credibility to deliver results, the teams at NSG are masters of the craft of News services providers.

NSG employs cutting-edge technology coupled with specially developed news process management tools to quickly, efficiently and accurately deliver your business news to the widest or the most niche audience, according to your needs. NSG also has the bandwidth to deliver your message in over 30 languages, thanks to the relationships nurtured over many years with some of the most influential news desks and editors in the region. Our exclusive partnership with BusinessWire, the world leader in business news, will ensure your news story gets the attention and visibility that it requires. But what makes a news house a force to reckon with, is its promptness to act. You would be delighted to know that our news desk team and editors are switched on 24x7 to make sure your news story doesn’t lose momentum in reaching its local audience or even your global audience. At NSG, we resolutely believe News does not keep business hours. And neither do we.

NSG - Empowering your business with a world of news at your fingertips.