News Distribution

The rapid advancement in technology, especially in the field of communication means and platforms, has significantly impacted the world communication landscape. It has indeed shortened distances between people across geographic boundaries and allowed news to travel at unprecedented speed and ease across the world. Obviously, the business sector was the first to benefit from these massive technological breakthroughs. Companies in today’s world endeavored to utilize these latest scientific advances in their work to expand their reach and gain competitive advantage by attracting wider audience base of different cultures, languages and races. As a company’s success is gauged by the size of its audience, it therefore needs to maintain open communication and good relations with this audience.

Building on its decade-long vast experience in the news distribution industry, AETOSWire, the exclusive representative of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has endeavored since day one to provide first-rate distribution services to its clients to help them reach a wider audience and increase their presence in their target markets. AETOSWire is proud to be the success partner of several public and private entities that have leveraged its experience and news distribution services to expand their footprint, and achieved success and growth thanks to their purposeful interaction and communication with their audience.

AETOSWire provides its esteemed clients with global, regional and local customized news distribution services. This allows clients to communicate with their audience across any market or geographic region around the world. The company’s specialized teams provide full logistic and advisory support throughout the news distribution process to ensure optimal benefit to clients. The company also offers regional and local news distribution services in regions of interest for its clients.

The news distribution services provided by AETOSWire are highly customized. Thanks to its exclusive partnership with Business Wire, the company enjoys strong ties with world leading news agencies, which allows AETOSWire clients to reach their audiences anywhere around the world. Our company’s teams of experts have studied the different markets and geographic regions, and designed the appropriate distribution circuits that best suit the needs of clients. These services allow clients to target specific audiences in a specific country, region or continent, and to disseminate their related press releases and news to main news outlets in the target destination and, ultimately, the target audiences. Additionally, AETOSWire enjoys the linguistic capabilities to translate news from a source language into the target audience’s language, upon clients’ request. This enables clients to communicate with their audience in their native language.

AETOSWire constantly endeavors to keep pace with the latest developments in news distribution technology in order to provide clients with the best tools to communicate with their audience. The company also enjoys the capabilities to distribute clients’ event news and press releases through distribution options which also include videos and photos to increase viewership. AETOSWire’s highly advanced technology allows publishing press releases supported with hyperlinks to drive traffic to clients’ websites. This would acquaint audiences with the clients’ companies and ensures greater levels of interaction between them.

Thanks to AETOSWire’s 24/7 newsroom, clients are able to receive the necessary support anytime. They can avail of the advice provided by the company’s experts about the optimal time to publish press releases, and ways to achieve the best results and media coverage from their distributed news and press releases.

We dispatch full-text and unaltered news releases, regulatory filings, photos, videos, and other multimedia content to journalists, editors, equity terminals, investors, and regulatory authorities. Our distribution network reaches all types of media outlets worldwide, including: newspapers, magazines, websites, broadcast, radios, news agencies, database websites, and social media.

AETOSWire portal specifically publishes only business and government news articles, making us popular among business circles in the MENA region. The portal also facilitates specific event pages, and has the ability to provide RSS news feeds to other news portals. Once a registered user, you can also upload your news item(s), ready for release upon your authorization.

AETOSWire portal is exceedingly dynamic, interactive, and resourceful, and its unique interface makes navigation user-friendly. The portal supports the posting of multimedia press releases and news articles directly from the website. It permits the use of XHTML formatting, rich text, hi-res and low-res images, and more importantly, videos.

XHTML formatting offers a host of benefits to users such as:

  • Embedding press releases and providing a larger resource of information to readers.
  • Targeting media outlets based on geographic locations, industry, subject-type, and specific needs of the audience.
  • Using social media tags and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features.

All of these features are in place so that your messages are presented to the right people in a powerful, multimedia rich format. Every news article and press release is archived and available to interested parties via RSS feed.

AETOSWire also provides clients with the Clipping Reports service, which includes e-Clippings of online media content and websites that published their news. This allows clients to get an idea of the impact of their press releases, and help senior management teams to make more informed decisions and direct proper communications and public relations’ policies.

AETOSWire has a prestigious track record in the news distribution industry. It boasts a longstanding partnership with the most reputable high-ranking clients from the public and private sectors in the UAE, the wider Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and the rest of the world, and is keen to pursue its diligent efforts to provide world-class services to clients and to ensure their highest levels of satisfaction.

For more information about the News Distribution services, kindly contact your Relationship Manager